Transitional Care

ProHealth’s transitional care program helps facilities reduce length of stay for post-acute care patients and minimize unnecessary rehospitalization post discharge. We have developed proprietary protocols to support our facility partners in identifying and treating sub-acute patients from admission through discharge into the community.

In the Facility:

Practitioners follow specialized protocols related to post-admission evaluation, medically necessary care, weekly interdisciplinary rounds and risk stratification upon discharge.

In the Home:

For high risk patients, a ProHealth practitioner will conduct a transitional care House Call to evaluate the patient’s condition and recovery status. Medications, treatments and therapies can be prescribed as needed while situations requiring higher levels of care can be evaluated for direct readmission to the SNF instead of hospital emergency room where appropriate.

Making you stand out

Whether your facility is assuming risk through participation in an ACO or Bundled Payment plan, or working to compete for hospital referrals, ProHealth's transitional care House Call program helps you stand out by improving continuity of care and clinical outcomes.