Our Services

Nurse Practitioner Services

ProHealth provides expertly trained Nurse Practitioners who work collaboratively as a part of your facility’s medical team to treat acute medical needs at the moment a patient needs care. We work closely with our facility partners to tailor individualized onsite and on-call practitioner coverage solutions to provide facilities with the highest level of service. Our Practitioners are great people who receive unparalleled training, education and ongoing support.

For Facilities

  • Adds cost-neutral onsite and on-call medical coverage
  • Strengthens a facility’s referral position with feeder hospitals
  • Increases a facility’s ability to treat-in-place and minimize unnecessary readmissions
  • 24/7 on-call coverage for staff inquiries and emergencies
  • Visible, accessible medical presence improves facility’s value to residents and their families
  • ProHealth Nurse Practitioners (APRNs) handle all elements of billing; no facility resources are required

For Medical Directors and Attending Physicians

Nurse Practitioners (APRNs) are available to:

  • Collaborate in a mutually convenient manner to assure quality care
  • Verify admission orders and document detailed acceptance note
  • Sign off on Certifications
  • Write DNR / Narcotic orders
  • Cover MD’s 30/60 day renewals as required
  • Respond onsite to emergencies, manage ongoing follow-ups and conference with families
  • Respond after hours through on-call coverage for participating providers