About Us

The Challenge:

Tens of thousands of nursing home and assisted living facility residents and patients need some form of skilled, medical services to help them maintain and/or improve their health. The health system's lack of capacity to deliver timely and appropriate skilled care (e.g., by a physician) in facility settings has created a care gap.

The Solution:

Our unique model combines on-site, in-home and on-call practitioner coverage to extend the reach of doctors, hospitals, health systems, ACO's and bundled Payors. Working in concert with our facility, health system and network partners, ProHealth develops custom programs to reduce risk, speed recovery and lower rates of hospital readmission. The hands-on care we provide makes a meaningful difference in patients' lives while improving continuity and quality of care.

ProHealth is improving clinical outcomes, one patient at a time.

At no cost to facilities, a ProHealth Nurse Practitioner will provide the skilled care needed to stabilize census, shorten length of stay and reduce unnecessary readmissions.